When you're ready to start moving, be it your home or business, you may find you have more belongings and equipment than you can reasonably fit in the new space. Or you might not be ready to bring everything into the new house or office yet-sometime people hold off on moving in furniture until the new home is painted, or the floors are refinished. We offer flexible storage solutions for these situations. We can move what you need to go to your home or commercial space there, and store the rest until you're ready for it (and we'll bring it to you then).

Another benefit to using our storing services is that you can take your time packing up your belongings; having a place outside of your home or office to store possessions once they're boxed, makes it easier to move out the rest-and you don't have to look at the piles of boxes for days or weeks before leaving.

The Monster Movers' storage units are safe and secure, and we inventory every item for you, before packing it carefully in one of our vaulted units. Our storage spaces are climate controlled, and there's no pressure to have your belongings out by a certain date-unlike storage centers, we work with your schedule. Store your things for a few days or a few months; we won't tie you down to a monthly contract.

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