Moving from one home to another gives people a chance to make positive changes-what they bring to the new home, how they arrange their living spaces in different, creative ways, and how they set up the home to accommodate everyone in it.

However, residential moving can be the most tiring for people; unlike moving a business, which usually involves a limited amount of property, moving a household frequently means sorting, packing, and transporting everything a family owns. We understand the importance of getting all your belongings out on time and safely moved to your next residence-missing a deadline to be out of a house or apartment causes real financial penalties for the departing occupants.

Besides working with your schedule, The Monster Movers care for your belongings and personal items, from start to finish. We pack them gently (if you'd like us to), load them securely, drive them safely near or far, and unpack them in your new home, or in a storage unit at our facility. We treat your things like they were ours-we'll take every precaution possible to insure that your most personal and beloved possessions are moved with care.

The Monster Movers are experienced, trusted movers who make people feel at ease on moving day-we like kids and families of all ages. When you call us, your whole household is in good hands.

If you're ready to start the process for your residential move, you can get a quick quote from our website, or feel free to call us and discuss your upcoming move at length. We can help you determine what services you need, and what suits your budget. We know that changing locations can bring added expenses-our rates are competitive.

Residential moving around Connecticut is our main goal; we're a family-owned business with strong roots in the Westport area, and we love helping our neighbors.

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